Troop 355 Date Set for Philmont

posted Dec 21, 2015, 4:19 PM by Dan Lok
On Thursday, December 17th, Troop 355 received confirmation for their 2017 contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.  Dates for the contingent are August 4th through August 19th.  The contingent will be the first group that the Troop has sent since the late 1990's.  

The contingent is allotted two crews of twelve, for a total of twenty-four participants.  At the moment, the Troop has a total of ten Scouts, and six adults registered for the trip, and will be accepting a limited number of youth and adults from other units to fill the remaining spots.

For the next nineteen months, the Troop will be spending time preparing for the trek by various pre-trek activities such as hikes, exercises, and various other conditioning activities.  Additional preparation will include wilderness first aid training, backpacking seminars, local backpacking trips and two shakedown trips.  Scouts and Leaders will be required to participate in all classes, shakedowns, and seventy-five percent of all pre-trek activities.

Multiple opportunities are being planned to help raise funds for the trip which will include yard sales, dinners, other fundraising opportunities.  Total cost of the trip is $1,350.00 per person.

Donations to help fund the 2017 Contingent can be made by clicking here.