Troop 314 Joins 355 for Annual Santa Scout Camp Out

posted Dec 17, 2015, 6:20 PM by Dan Lok

Above:  Troops 314 and 355 climb a tree in the Al Sabo Land Preserve.

Troop 355 invited Troop 314 for their Annual Santa Scout camp out at the Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation.  Activities included hiking, gift exchange, cooking a thanksgiving feast, and games.

Saturday morning began with the youth and adults hiking just over 5 miles on that Al Sabo Land Preserve located just North East of Rota-Kiwan in Texas Township.  For Troop 355, the hike was part of a pretrek activity for Isle Royal in June of 2016. 

The hike consisted of different types of terrain ranging from fields, hills, and trails of various widths.  The youth stopped for lunch and used various backpacking equipment to prepare it.

Following the hike, the youth conducted a gift exchange where scouts were chosen at random to select a gift from a table that was not their own.

Above: Cooking is a 23 pound Butterball Turkey using the charcoal tripod method.  In the background are 4 pies baking in dutch ovens.

Dinner was started promptly after the gift exchange.  Some Scouts learned how to cook a turkey using the charcoal and tripod method.   Other Scouts worked on different parts of the meal that included stuffing, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade gravy, pies.

Pies consisted of pumpkin, dutch apple, cherry, and lakeshore crumb.

Below:  The end result of the 23 pound turkey.