Caleb McLouth's Project

Range Building for Calhoun County Sheriff Department

Caleb is currently working on his project benefiting the Calhoun County Sheriffs Department by providing them with a new shooting range building. The new structure will be a 24x36 space where sheriffs can take shelter from the elements, store materials, hold class instruction, and host youth group events.  Currently, the department does not have a building to hold classes which prevents them from hosting instructors to teach local officers different tactics on law enforcement.

The new building will be available for local youth groups to use for hunter's safety courses and firearm safety classes.

Donations are currently being accepted towards Caleb's Project.

GOAL:  $9,300.00

Name on Plaque

The names of those who contribute certain amounts will be engraved upon a plaque to be located at the project site. Donation levels are categorized as follows:

First Class
$100.00 - $249.00

$250.00 - $499.00

$500.00 - $999.00

$1000.00 or more

Those who wish to send a check can make it payable to BSA Troop 355 and can be mailed to our address at 157 Chapel Hill Drive, Battle Creek, Mi 49015.
Range Building Floor Plan

Upcoming Fundraiser

The Calhoun County Sheriff Department is hosting a K-9 demo at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds where officers will demonstrate how police dogs are used to for different operations.

K9s have been used by humans for thousands of years for hunting, warfare and various other reasons.  The local departments use K9s for suspect apprehension, drug searches, explosive detection, and tracking.

Donations are being accepted for Caleb's project at the event.

Further information can be obtained by contacting