Alec's Eagle Project

Alec Rea's Eagle Scout Project
Doris Klaussen Development Center Playground Project
Basic Info and Fundraising

Alec and his dad on their way to Japan

Alec Rea is currently the rank of Life and is working on his Eagle Project for the Doris Klaussen Development Center in Battle Creek, Michigan.  

Doris Klaussen is a part of the Calhoun Intermediate School District that works with students with moderate to severe impairments where Alec was a student when he was younger.  More information about the school may be found by going to the following link: Doris Klaussen Developmental Center.


Old Playground

Alec's vision is to give back to the school that has assisted him to learn how to adapt to social and situational conditions that would normally make him feel uncomfortable.  

His plan is to remove the current playground equipment that is deteriorating and becoming unusable.  Alec has researched various different types of playground equipment that would be suitable for the school.  Upon his research, he has developed a plan to remove the old equipment and replace it with various items that include swing sets, basketball hoops, tetherball, climbing gym and park benches.

New Equipment Proposed


Alec's Fundraising Efforts $12,024.71

Alec's vision to redesign the playground will cost approximately $12,024.71.  His plan is to ask for donations, sponsorships and carry out meal fundraisers. 

 Anyone interested in supporting Alec's cause to give back to the school that has helped him become the individual who he has become today may Click Here to begin the Sponsorship/Donation process.  After filling out your information and click submit, it will prompt you to go to our Square Page for payment.

Project Donor List